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Project Information

An introduction to adding files, links, images and funding oppurtunities for projects.

For adding project information there are four different items you can add to this area, each with their own unique form. These are Article, File, Funding Opportunity, and Image.

Article is the main form that will be used most often. This can be used for adding news or events specifically for the respected project. The form begins with the calender to make the article into an event. It then has the Title, Description, and Body text. each one has to be translated before moving on to the next section of the form, or you will lose all of the work if done afterwards. At the end you can then choose if you want the article to appear in any specific category before saving.

File is adding an external item to the site. You give the file a name for saving on RICHE, and a description if you want. Next choose what language the file is in and upload it from your own computer. Choose if you want this file under specific categories and press save. Once saved, the file can be accessed in your own folder and through the internal file loader.

Image works basically the same as the File Form, but with one extra section for images specifically.  Where you upload the image, it asks if you want to keep existing image or change to a new one. When you are uploading an image the first time this is not important. But if the original image is not what you want, you can replace it by editing the file and selecting to change it. This is so you can keep the file and location name the same, even if the image is changing. This is important if you have the image appearing in multiple articles. This saves space on the website and helping your folder not displaying multiple images with names being different by only an ascending number at the end.

Funding Opportunity is the same sheet as article , just you can add files, images, and links outside of the body text, as well as add publishing dates.

 Adding files, images, and links work the same way as you click on the tag and upload from the website's internal storage or import externally.  Publishing dates mean you can have the article appear for a certain time only, in case the funding is available for a limited time only. The main page works the same as the article form