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News and Events

An introduction to adding News and Events.


News and upcoming events based around Child health and the Work Programs is one the main function of the site. being able to add either of them to share to general members or specific WPs is simple.


In your dashboard You add them both from the same form. All sections of the form translate seperately into available languages. 

For adding an event, tick box next to Dislpay in calender, and change dates and time accordingly.News is not displayed in the calender, so can skip to adding Title.

Default langauge will always be the one you are reading in. Translate Title into the  respected languages you want before moving on to Description. Once you have translated the title, if you change the title language, the title will change to respected language.

Adding description is same steps as adding title. Just remember to translate.

Body of text is where you can add and edit the main body of your news. Simple formatting bar for the text including adding pictures, links, and tables. To customise text even further, you can change the HTML code which is circled in picture to the right.

Again translating is key. A point to make is that if you find a translation is wrong, you can manually fix it and save the change made. This fix though will not change the automatic translator.


Catagories are important to make sure your news and event comes up on the front page and in the relevant WP if needed. If no catagories are selected, your news piece will only show up in your personal folder.

Just before you save, if you want to set specific publishing dates, scroll back to the top of the page were there is a tab called 'Dates'. Here you can set the dates and time when your item can be viewed. Any unpublished work will always be in your personal folder once saved.