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Faceted Search

The Faceted search can be used when searching for research documents, members, organisations and indicators. You can set which fields the search term searches in (this may include the text content of a research document by clicking all) - these options will differ depending what it is that you are searching for. The results appear in a table which displays some of the most relevant fields for that search type and this allows you to order the results in a number of different ways. As an additional step, the Faceted search allows you to refine the results by the Taxonomy which has been entered for each of the results that have been returned. It is important to note that the search was made against the fields selected in the search and not the taxonomy itself.

Optional steps which may be made while carrying out a search;
  • Select a "Type" to search (document or member etc)
  • Select the fields to search within (for example - all or name or country)
  • Additionally for a Research document, you can select a sub category for that search "Type" (for example - scientific or gray literature)
  • When you returned some results use the table columns to order the results
  • You also use the Taxonomy terms on the left column of the page to refine the results. Clicking on a Taxonomy term will only show the results which have had that term added in the Taxonomy