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An introduction to Discussions page.

Discussions is an internet forum to chat, debate, ask and answer questions, and spread informal news with other members of RICHE. 


The home page shows all the forums open. Each forum would have a dedicated theme to them so the conversations within each one should be similar. 

On the right hand side you can:

  • search the board for words and members in the forum
  • Show all recent activities is the most recent comments added to conversations you have taken part in
  • Show all unanswered is displaying all the conversation that you were the last to add a comment to.


Within a forum will be all the conversations taking place around the general theme of the forum. Conversations are made up by comments that individual members add to the conversation. They are tracked by the amount of replies/comments added to each conversation, and show the most recent comment added to the conversation including the author, date and time comment was added.