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Add research or other Child Health information

The primary purpose of Riche and is to gather an inventory of research and grey paper that pertains to child health research but which is not already available through an existing repository such as PubMed or . . .

To add Research or Grey Paper simply do the following

  1. Login – brings you to your own Dashboard
  2. To return to your 'Dashboard' at any time, use the link at the top right which should always be visible when you are logged in.
  3. Click the 'Add research' button
  4. The name can be pasted in from the original document
  5. Select the file to upload from your own file system
  6. PDF format is probably best for this purpose as it is not easily editable by the end user.
  7. Protected MS Word or OpenOffice are also ok .
  8. 'Save' to upload the document

Document View

There are 6 things to note on this page

  1. View – always brings you back to this view
  2. Define Taxonomy – the classification workspace to be discussed below
  3. The 'Word Cloud' -  to be discussed below
  4. Load File Preview – an view of the document within the Web Browser, rather than downloading and opening in a desktop client such as Acrobat Reader or MS Word. May or may not be useful, to be decided later.
  5. The Core Metadata and Riche Taxonomy entries  - initially empty
    • We plan to extract the core metadata where possible – not done yet
    • Ricihe Taxonomy entries must be selected by the Classifier
  6. A delete button – in case you have uploaded the wrong document by mistake



The purpose of the Word Cloud is to assist the classifier by automatically analysing the document against a number of criteria – UNDER EVALUATION

  1. The system can analyse against 'plugable' , multi-lingual vocabularies .
  2. The size and emphasis of a word or phrase in the cloud indicates its
    • Standard 'noun' terms
    • Noun phrases
    • General language
    • Riche Taxonomy – currently identifying words – could be configured to identify phrases

Two subjects have been discussed here

  1. Provide analysis against a Public Health Thesaurus (preferably multi-lingual) – to be identified
  2. Analyse against the Taxonomy Terms (rather than words)
    • Should be provided in all supported languages
    • Should provide 'synonym' terms
    • Define Taxonomy – the main Riche Classification Workspace

Classification Workspace

There are four areas of interest on this workspace. Each area has a corresponding 'catalogue index' into which we save the selected terms and which are later used by the Search function to retrieve documents to a defined criteria.

  1. Standard metadata – Title, Abstract (can be copied from the document, Authors, Publisier, Published Date.
    • Copy/paste Title, Abstract, Authors, Publisher, Keywords from the original document.
    • We hope to harvest this automatically in a future release
  2. Cloud Keywords – you can simply double click on keyword and it is added to the document index.
  3. Riche Taxonomy Terms – click on the heading to reveal the selection of terms – see below
  4. Health Issues – we have not yet determined an optimum method to present the possibilities for ICD, ICF or other health coding options. Simply insert the term or code as appropriate and it will be stored against this index.


Document View

After classification - the terms against which the document has been classified are available



'Add Research' Folder – maybe should remove this view??

Use 'Contents' tab to manage the contents of this folder

We need to discuss the longer term function of these views