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The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

Postal Address: Friedrichstraße 130 B 10117 Berlin
Phone number: +49 (0)30 18 57-0
Organisation Type: Government
Organisation summary: We promote education and research for they are the foundations on which we will build our future in a changing world. Education provides the basis for leading an autonomous, responsible and participatory life within industry and society. Education provides our children with the tools they need to meet the challenges of a changing and increasingly globalized world. Research helps us to discover the new and improve on the known. Thanks to excellent research we are finding solutions to global problems and devising strategies for sustainable growth. Research creates previously unknown opportunities in all domains of life, and it keeps our products and services innovative and competitive. Taken from: (12.12.2011)

Funding types: Post Doctorate researchers, University departments or institutions, Group of researchers
Funding sources: Government & Research & Development Departments
Geographic area: National funding

Riche Classification

Languages and Geographical Perspective: Germany , English , German ,