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Regional Roma Health Intelligence Center

Regional Roma Health Intelligence Center
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Organisation summary: While the health of the Roma in our region is poorer than the majority population and they face many problems with access to adequate health care, there is a lack of reliable and policy oriented health information to improve this situation. Therefore the RRHIC project aims to facilitate the generation and exchange of information and knowledge on the health of the Roma people in the countries of the Decade of Roma Inclusion. The RRHIC aims to foster the formation of an international network of professionals, researchers, experts, Roma organizations, advocators or individuals who are interested and active in generating, disseminating and using relevant health information and knowledge about the health issues of Roma. Our goals are To promote and strengthen research and practice in the region on Roma health To provide a platform for the exchange and integration of information, experiences, relevant projects, best practices To promote and initiate joint research and other projects and activities on Roma health and health services in the region To improve advocacy relating to Roma health issues through better information and knowledge

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