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OECD, Research on Child Well-being-Social Policy Division 'Doing Better for Children'

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Organisation Type: Other
Organisation summary: The well-being of children is high on the policy agenda across the OECD. But what is the actual state of child well-being today? How much are governments spending on children and are they spending it at the right times? What social and family policies have the most impact during children’s earliest years? Is growing up in a single-parent household detrimental to children? Is inequality that persists across generations a threat to child well-being? Doing Better for Children addresses these questions and more.

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Child Related Topics: Health care involving children , Unfit Housing , Primary education , Pre-school education , Secondary education , Tertiary education , Fourth level education , School health services ,
Health issues, determinants and measures: Indicators , Indicators of health and health related behaviours , International child health indicators , Uses of indicators , Environment , Education, employment and skills , School ,