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Instituto da Droga e da Toxicodependência

Postal Address: Central Services Address: Praça de Alvalade, n.º 7 - 5º. ao 13º andar 1700-036 Lisboa
Phone number: 0035121 111 90 00 / 21 111 90 99
Organisation Type: Government
Organisation summary: The main responsibility of the Institute on Drugs and Drug Addiction, I.P. (IDT, IP) is to promote the reduction of the use of licit and illicit substances and the decrease of addictions. The IDT, IP is the national governmental structure responsible for the coordination policy in the field of illicit drugs and alcohol. The Institute assures the planning, conception, management, monitoring and evaluation of the different steps of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation in the field of drugs and alcohol, in the perspective of a better fulfilment in the coordination and implementation of the policies and strategies established.

Funding types: Group of researchers
Agency types: Health Specific
Funding sources: Government & Research & Development Departments
Geographic area: National funding

Riche Classification

Demography: All , 10-14 years , 15-18 years , Over 18 years , Older child (secondary school: broadly 11-16 years) , Adolescent (under 18 years) , Older youth (18 years and over) ,
Health issues, determinants and measures: Addiction , Alcohol , Drug substances , Drug prevention , Tobacco , Risk assessment , Scientific committees , Prevention , Health promotion concepts , Research ,
Languages and Geographical Perspective: Portugal , English , Portuguese ,