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Institute for Health metrics and evaluation IHME

Postal Address: Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation 2301 Fifth Ave., Suite 600, Seattle, WA 98121 USA
Phone number: Tel: +1.206.897.2800 Fax: +1.206.897.2899
Organisation Type: Academic
Organisation summary: The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation Post-Graduate Fellowship and Post-Bachelor Fellowship train individuals in statistical methods and data analysis used in IHME’s core research projects. Through the fellowship programs, IHME builds cohorts of skilled researchers and analysts and fosters the development of new, creative techniques for tackling the world’s most pressing health issues
Funding organisation: Yes

Funding types: Phd or Master project, Post Doctorate researchers, University departments or institutions
Agency types: Health Specific
Funding sources: Government & Research & Development Departments
Geographic area: Worldwide funding

Riche Classification

Demography: First year of life: , 1-4 years , 5-9 years , 10-14 years , 15-18 years , Over 18 years ,
Health issues, determinants and measures: Economic data , Information , Indicators , Research ,
Study type / scale / state of progress / setting: Global ,