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Hungarian Scientific Research Fund

Postal Address: H-1093 Budapest, Czuczor u. 10. first floor (Studium Office Building) P.O.Box address: H-1476 Budapest 100 POBox 289
Phone number: 36 (1) 219-8700
Organisation Type: Research Management
Organisation summary: The Hungarian Scientific Research Fund (Hungarian abbreviation: OTKA) has been the major funding agency of basic science and scholarship since 1986. All research universities, institutions of higher education, and the research institutes of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences primarily depend on OTKA in terms of financing their basic research activities. Upon a government decree, OTKA has been operating as an independent non-profit organisation since 1991. Its legal status and rules of operation were established in an act in 1993 and reinforced in 1997 by the Hungarian parliament in order to provide independent support to scientific research activities and infrastructure, to promote scientific achievements of international standards, and to provide assistance to young researchers. As an independent institution, OTKA reports to the parliament and the government of Hungary. With regards to the funds provided within the annual budget of the Republic of Hungary, the appropriations of OTKA are administered via the budget of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The administrative and financial tasks related to its operation are performed by the OTKA Office in Budapest.
Funding organisation: Yes

Funding types: Post Doctorate researchers, University departments or institutions, Group of researchers
Agency types: Development agencies
Funding sources: Government & Research & Development Departments
Geographic area: National funding

Riche Classification

Languages and Geographical Perspective: Hungary , Hungarian ,