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Postal Address:
Phone number: 0153175158
Organisation Type: Other
Organisation summary: To strengthen the capacity of developing countries to treat patients, GIP Esther supports partnerships that help articulate support around the hospital and social networks in a long term prospect. Four main areas of work guide its action: Improve the conditions of care in ensuring the strengthening of the technical and supply of hospital equipment. This support is accompanied by joint training actors medical, paramedical and community partners so they weave real ties of collaboration and solidarity around the patient. Support national strategies to support people living with HIV by promoting national solidarity mechanisms. The projects coordinated by the GIP aim in particular to stimulate and strengthen the network of contacts whose expertise and experience enable us to provide comprehensive care for people living with HIV. Promote and support the implementation of a strategy of continuity of care. This is to create links between the hospital and the family through the different levels of health facilities, and support by the community sector to develop the decentralization of care and the community dimension and the inclusion of psychosocial charge. Participate in the development of joint actions with international and European bodies to contribute to the coherence of interventions and increase sustainable access to care and treatment.

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Child Related Topics: Health care involving children ,
Health issues, determinants and measures: HIV , Health care resources , Health care utilization and expenditure , Health policy , Health Security ,
Study type / scale / state of progress / setting: Geographical Europe ,