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CCM Centro Nazionale Controllo e Prevenzione delle Malattie/National Centre for Disease Prevention and Control under the Ministry of Health

Postal Address:
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Organisation Type: Government
Organisation summary: Ccm is the Italian acronym for the National Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. Its task is to liaise between the Ministry of health on the one side, and regional governments on the other as regards surveillance, prevention and promptly responding to emergencies.Ccm is attached to the General Directorate for health prevention of the Ministry of health, whose offices guarantee operational support as regards project implementation. The operational Directorate of Ccm drafts an annual activity plan, formulates proposals for programme implementation projects, supports the committees and sub-committees also in checking the projects’ implementation and results. The general health prevention Manager is also the operational Director of Ccm and remains in office until the end of the Ccm term.
Funding organisation: Yes

Funding types:
Agency types: Health Specific
Geographic area: National funding

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Languages and Geographical Perspective: Italy ,