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Embedding of Research into Decision-making Processes

Document type: Grey Literature
Document language: English
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Basic Information

Authors: Adam D Koon, Devaki Nambiar, Krishna D Rao
Journal Name/Article: WHO / Public Health Foundation of India
Published on Date: 2011

As health systems have become more complex and public demands for accountability have increased, the salience of overall health system performance for better services and health outcomes has grown. The current international emphasis on evaluating performance has positioned health systems research as an important vehicle for promoting evidence-based policy making. In turn, this emphasis has also encouraged health systems research to become relevant to policy making.

The divide between research and policy is substantial in many low and middle-income countries (LMIC). Both supply and demand factors are responsible for this. On the supply side, the limited local pool of human and financial resources has constrained the production of quality research. The result is that many LMICs are characterized by limited institutional capacity to generate research to aid policy making. On the other hand, avenues for research to influence policy are severely limited. One reason for this is the bureaucratization of policy making, in which, researchers and research institutions have only a minor role. Other common obstacles in this regard are centralized decision making and a policy making culture that gives little importance to evidence based research.

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Demography: All , 1-4 years , 5-9 years , 10-14 years , 15-18 years , Over 18 years ,
Health issues, determinants and measures: Health policy , Health in all policies , Services, systems and policies ,
Languages and Geographical Perspective: English ,
Study type / scale / state of progress / setting: Evaluation research - of policy or of practice, interventions. , Feasibility studies , Completed and published , Professional research ,