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A visual exposure strategy to facilitate the introduction of fruit and vegetables into the diets of toddlers

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Document language: English
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Basic Information

Authors: Dr Carmel Houston-Price
Published on Date: 2010
Funding source project: The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)

Previous research has established that the frequency with which preschool children are offered a new food determines their liking and consumption of the food. However, up to 15 exposures may be needed to elicit a positive attitude, a number greater than most parents are willing or able to provide. Our previous work suggests that repeated visual exposure to pictures of foods provides an alternative means of enhancing children's interest in foods. This project examines whether a visual exposure intervention can also ease the introduction of new foods into toddlers' diets within the home environment.

The main aims of the project are:

  1. To document the typical pattern of rejection and acceptance of new foods shown by toddlers when parents offer them a taste of a new food every day for a three-week period;
  2. To establish whether two weeks of prior exposure to pictures of foods facilitates parents' attempts to introduce the foods;
  3. To elucidate the longer-term consequences of the exposure manipulation on children's liking of and consumption of the target foods, and on their dietary variety in general.

This will be achieved by collecting data on children's fruit and vegetable intake at baseline, during the intervention and at a three-month follow-up.

Riche Classification

Demography: All , Young (pre-school ) child (including those attending Kindergarten / playgroup / child care) ,
Child Related Topics: Household data ,
Health issues, determinants and measures: Food and nourishment , Food and nutrition ,
Languages and Geographical Perspective: English ,
Study type / scale / state of progress / setting: Evaluation research - of policy or of practice, interventions. , Household , Ongoing ,