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Username: michaelrigby
Email: michael.rigby AT
Title: Professor
Fullname: Michael Rigby
Current position: Emeritus Professor of Health Information Strategy, Keele University, UK; Senior Lecturer, Nordic School of Public Health
Michael Rigby
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Biography: Professor Rigby is, since August 2009, Emeritus Professor of Health Information Strategy at Keele University, U.K., from February 2010 a part-time Faculty Member of the Nordic School of Public Health, and from October 2010 an Adjunct Professor in the School of Nursing at Dublin City University. He now primarily undertakes key research and independent commissions. He has a particular focus on child public health information and other public health projects in Europe. He was the creator and Project Coordinator of the Child Health Indicators of Life and Development (CHILD) project 2000 - 2002, within the European Union’s Health Monitoring programme - this involved all 17 EU and EEA countries of that time. This has led on to his working with the European Regional Office of the World Health Organisation on the information aspects of its Child and Adolescent Health and Development Strategy 2005, and the development of a supporting Information and Health Needs tool for country use. He was a member of the Expert Panel of the EU Child Safety Action Plans project – for both its phases. He was one of four expert partners of a project led by the Technical University of Dresden within the EU Public Health Information Strategy of the Health and Consumer Protection Directorate-General, to identify patterns of population-level measurement of nutritional and physical activity behaviour as determinants of obesity in 30 countries in Europe; he led the second half of the project, focussed on child data. He led the Child task group of the Interpersonal Violence work package of the EU project Public Health Actions for a Safer Europe (PHASE), and was the principal child health expert contributor to the EU Global Report on the Health Status in the European Union (EUGLOREH) led by the Italian Ministry of Health.
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