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Username: carcar2
Email: carcar2 AT
Title: carcar
Fullname: Carmen Cardós Alonso
Current position: nurse
Organisation: c/Prado Bardal 10
Country: España
Language: Spanish
Your role: Healthcare practitioner
Your interests: Critical care
Further interests: nursing
Study area activities:
Academic qualification:
Research capacity skills: San Lorenzo de El Escorial
Subgroup interest collaboration: None
Contact options: Email, Mobile
Make private: No
Terms and conditions: Yes

Riche Classification

Population Groups:
Child related topics:
Taxonomy of Languages and Geographical Perspective:
Taxonomy of study type / scale / state of progress / setting: Systematic reviews, Randomised controlled trial, Cohort incidence study, Case/control study, Cross sectional study, Longitudinal study - cohort, trend, panel, Conceptualisation - indicators, Survey research, Descriptive epidemiology survey, Structured interviewing, Content analysis, Health surveillance, Secondary analysis of statistics, Historical comparative analysis., Evaluation research - of policy or of practice, interventions., Comparative studies, Data collection, Feasibility studies, Indicators, Life course studies, Unstructured interviews, Observation, and participant observation, Case studies, Life course study, Focus group methodology, Action research, Health care facility, Municipality or community, Province or Region, Selected representative localities within a country, National, Selected European countries, EU Europe (including EEA), Geographical Europe, PhD project, Masters project, Professional research
Health issues, determinants and measures: Mortality, ICD-10 codes, Infant mortality data, Information, Health indicators, Health reports, Indicators, International child health indicators, Lifestyle indicators, Abused children, Neglected children, Violence and injury prevention, Social determinants, Anthropology, Education, Sociology and Social Phenomena, Mortality data, ICD-10 codes, Infant mortality data, Morbidity, Malnutrition, Analytical, Diagnostic and therapeutic Techniques and Equipment, Diagnosis and therapy, Education, employment and skills, School