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VW Foundation

Postal Address: Kastanienallee 35 30519 Hannover Germany
Phone number: +49 (0)511 8381-0
Organisation Type: Other
Organisation summary: Despite its name, the Volkswagen Foundation is not a subsidiary of the respective company, but an independent, non-profit Foundation under private law with its head office in Hanover. With a funding volume of up to 100 million euros p. a. it is the largest private science funder and one of the major foundations in Germany. The money spent for grants is earned through investing the capital of the Foundation – currently some 2.4 billion euros. This means that the Foundation is autonomous and independent in its decisions – a strong basis for a Foundation of knowledge! The funding granted by the Volkswagen Foundation provides systematic stimuli: it supports those approaches and developments that address some of the big challenges of our time. The Foundation supports corresponding research projects from all fields of research. The Foundation develops funding initiatives with a main focus on emerging, forward-looking areas of research; these form the framework of its funding profile. By means of this concentration on relatively few initiatives the Foundation ensures that the funds which it provides are used effectively. By the time an initiative comes to an end after several years, the theme is frequently firmly anchored in the scientific community. Taken from: (12.12.2011)

Funding types: Phd or Master project, Post Doctorate researchers, University departments or institutions, Group of researchers
Funding sources: Industry / commercial funders
Geographic area: Worldwide funding

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Languages and Geographical Perspective: Germany , English , German ,