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Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation

Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation
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Postal Address: Box 5408 114 84 Stockholm Sweden
Phone number: +46 8 58420900
Organisation Type: Other
Organisation summary: The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation (Barncancerfonden) is a non-profit organisation that aims to support research on childhood cancer. Since it receives no funding from the government or local authorities, the Foundation relies solely on donations and gifts from individuals, organisations, and corporations. The Foundation currently provides some form of research support to around 120 researchers. It also supports training and continuing education of paediatric oncology nursing staff to give optimal care to children and teenagers with cancer and to facilitate life during and after treatment. Furthermore, the Foundation provides care and recreational opportunities for families who have, or who have had, children suffering from cancer. The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation aims to use various educational initiatives to increase awareness of childhood cancer and to change attitudes, thus improving the situation for children with cancer and their families. The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation is involved in international activities through ICCCPO (a confederation of organisations for parents of child- ren with cancer) and through SIOP and NOPHO, international and Nordic societies of paediatric oncology physicians. The Foundation also funds participation in international symposia and cross-border exchange among paediatric oncology researchers.
Funding organisation: Yes

Funding types:
Agency types: Children Specific
Funding sources: Charity funders

Riche Classification

Health issues, determinants and measures: Cancer , Children living with cancer ,