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Open Society Foundations - Early Childhood Program

Postal Address: Cambridge House, 5th fl. 100 Cambridge Grove Hammersmith London, W6 0LE United Kingdom
Phone number: +44-207-031-0200
Organisation Type: Other
Organisation summary: The Open Society Early Childhood Program promotes the healthy development and well-being of young children through initiatives that emphasize parent and community engagement, professional development, and government accountability. The program's rights-based approach and social justice framework pays particular attention to the development challenges faced by children who are members of minority groups, children with developmental delays, malnutrition and disabilities; and children living in poverty. The Open Society Foundations implement early childhood programs in select countries in Africa, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, the Commonwealth of Independent States, Latin America, and the Middle East and North Africa. Launched in 1994, the program seeks to increase the quality, access, and comprehensiveness of early childhood services for all children, particularly for disadvantaged children, through a strategy focusing on four areas: improving public policies and programs; building the capacity of childhood development professionals and civil society; achieving equity through early childhood development; and implementing monitoring and accountability activities.
Funding organisation: Yes

Funding types:
Agency types: Topic based
Funding sources: Charity funders
Geographic area: Worldwide funding

Riche Classification

Demography: First year of life: , 1-4 years , Neonatal: , Infant (first year of life / baby not walking): , Young (pre-school ) child (including those attending Kindergarten / playgroup / child care) ,
Population Groups: Children in poverty , Children who have dropped out of education , Socio-economic status , Migrants , Ethnic minority groups ,