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National Institute for Health Research: Health Services Research

Postal Address: NETSCC, HSR Alpha House Enterprise Road University of Southampton Science Park Southampton SO16 7NS
Phone number: 023805939
Organisation Type: Health service provider
Organisation summary: The NIHR Health Services Research programme funds research to improve the quality, effectiveness and accessibility of the NHS. The programme remit includes quality of services, access and equity in provision, relevance and appropriateness to the needs of individuals and communities, effectiveness and efficiency of health services, as well as how services are experienced. The NIHR HSR programme addresses the three dimensions of quality currently of central concern to the NHS: patient experience, effectiveness of care and patient safety. The HSR programme will fund both primary research and evidence syntheses, depending on the availability of existing research and the most appropriate way of responding to important knowledge gaps. The aim is to fund research that will be of greatest benefit to the NHS and to patients.

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