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National Institute for Food and Nutrition Science OÉTI

Postal Address: Gyáli út 3/a Budapest 1097 H-1437 Budapest, Pf. 839.
Phone number: +(36-1) 476-6469
Organisation Type: Government
Organisation summary: The institute focuses on public health in relation to human nutrition, food technology, nutritional environment and hygiene. It is also responsible for the notification of food supplements, foods for particular nutritional uses (infant formulae, complementary foods, gluten free foods, etc.), cosmetics and biocides used in food industry and mass catering. Our activities also include education, research, scientifically based risk assessments and advisory services to Hungarian and international authorities and industries. The Institute regularly monitors food consumption patterns and provide analytical services based on accredited and standardised analysis methods.The Department of Nutrition Epidemiology plans and conducts complex nutritional epidemiological studies at population level and in risk groups (children, adolescents, pregnant women, old persons, etc.): examination of nutrition and health status of different groups of the population and primary and secondary prevention of nutrition related diseases.

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Riche Classification

Demography: All , First year of life: , 1-4 years , 5-9 years , 10-14 years , 15-18 years , Over 18 years , Child (primary school: broadly 5-10 years) , Older child (secondary school: broadly 11-16 years) , Adolescent (under 18 years) , Older youth (18 years and over) ,
Health issues, determinants and measures: Information , Health indicators , Health reports , International child health indicators , Uses of indicators , Food and nutrition , Nutrition , Food and nourishment , Food hygiene , Diet , Obesity , Sports and physical activity , Exercise , Food fortification , Folic acid fortification , Vitamin D fortification , Prevention , Breastfeeding , Health promotion concepts , Research , Health policy , EU in the world , European environment and health process , Government and law, Legislation , Health impact assessment , Health programme , Health strategy ,
Languages and Geographical Perspective: Hungary ,
Study type / scale / state of progress / setting: PhD project , Professional research ,