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Fondazione ARIEL (paralisi cerebrale infantile e altre disabilità neuromotorie)/cerebral palsy

Postal Address: Via Manzoni, 56 - 20089 Rozzano (MI) Italia Via Sardegna, 7 - 20090 Fizzonasco di Pieve Emanuele (MI) Italia
Phone number: 003902.8224.2315
Organisation summary: The main activities of the organization are related to: - assistance and support, mainly by counseling online by trained professionals; - training for families and training for health and social workers; - training for volunteers working with children and their families; - funding of scientific research.
Funding organisation: Yes

Funding types:
Agency types: Children Specific

Riche Classification

Health issues, determinants and measures: Neurological diseases and disorders ,
Languages and Geographical Perspective: Italy ,