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European Health Management Association

European Health Management Association
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Organisation summary: EHMA is a membership organisation that aims to build the capacity and raises the quality of health management in Europe. EHMA’s work splits into four core areas: policy, research, management education and management improvement. Policy: translating EU policy to the organisational level and influencing the EU policy agenda bottom-up. Research: engaging in cutting edge research with some of the top research associations in Europe, including on health professional mobility and quality of care. Management improvement: supporting healthcare delivery to be as good as the best in Europe, through networks, events and projects. Management education: joint European accreditation of postgraduate health management courses with FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation). Our key constituencies are: Senior managers who need to network and share information and intelligence in a rapidly changing health sector. Policy-makers who want to exchange ideas and debate policy, both across Europe and at the EU level. Academic institutions and educators who want to participate in research and share learning amongst their peers across Europe. Membership is open to all organisations committed to improving health and healthcare in Europe by raising standards of health management.

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Health issues, determinants and measures: Service organisation, management and evaluation , Health policy ,