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Daphne III funding programme

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Organisation Type: Government
Organisation summary: Part of the European Commission Directorate General for Justice, the Daphne III programme aims to contribute to the protection of children, young people and women against all forms of violence and attain a high level of health protection, well-being and social cohesion. Its specific objective is to contribute to the prevention of, and the fight against all forms of violence occurring in the public or the private domain, including sexual exploitation and trafficking of human beings. It aims to take preventive measures and provide support and protection for victims and groups at risk. The focus of the Daphne III programme is on: assisting and encouraging NGOs and other organisations active in this field; developing and implementing targeted awareness-raising actions; disseminating results obtained under the previous Daphne Programmes; identifying and enhancing actions contributing to positive treatment of people at risk of violence; setting up and supporting multidisciplinary networks; ensuring the expansion of the knowledge base and exchange, identification and dissemination of information and good practice; designing and testing awareness-raising and educational materials, and supplementing and adapting those already available; studying phenomena related to violence and its impact; developing and implementing support programmes for victims and people at risk, and intervention programmes for perpetrators. The programme will achieve its objectives by means of transnational actions (Action grants), Operating grants and the Commission's own-initiated actions (Calls for tenders). Access to the programme shall be open to: private or public organisations and institutions (local authorities at the appropriate level, university departments and research centres); working to prevent and combat violence against children, young people and women; protect against such violence; provide support for victims; implement targeted actions to promote rejection of such violence; or encourage attitude and behaviour change towards vulnerable groups and victims of violence.
Funding organisation: Yes

Funding types: University departments or institutions, Group of researchers
Agency types: Topic based
Funding sources: Government & Research & Development Departments
Geographic area: European Region/Funding

Riche Classification

Demography: All ,
Population Groups: Socio-economic status ,
Child Related Topics: Law enforcement , Sex offenders against children , Violence against children , Data about children of drug users , Paedophiles , Animals who attack / injure children ,
Health issues, determinants and measures: Lifestyle indicators , Safety , Violence and injury prevention ,