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More information for Researchers applying for Funding


Researchers applying for funding for one of the first projects in their career are obviously in need of more guidance in seeking funding than other individuals who are well experienced in the funding process. The information about how to use the database to find funding that is appropriate to their project needs to be clear and as accurate as possible. The project needs to consider also whether there should be additional information, such as advice on how to write a grant proposal – or directions to sites where such advice exists (such as ResearchCrossroads ( and Science Careers from the Journal Science (

More experienced researchers may be seeking to fund a larger project, or find potential employment by joining a larger grant application or already funded project. Consideration needs to be given as to whether the RICHE funding agencies taxonomy could or should include this function, and if so, if it is possible to keep such information accurate and timely.

Related to this axis, but also closely related to the research capacity taxonomy are the many research networks that exist, a group of which it is hoped that the RICHE platform will soon become a part. The United Kingdom Clinical Research Collaboration (UKCRC) ( network is a good example of national level collaboration of funding agencies and groups of researchers to streamline the topic of clinical research in the United Kingdom; others include the European Science Foundation (ESF) ( and ResearchCrossroads from the United States. A prominent link to the RICHE research capacity part of the platform is also important, as the networking potentially provided, and thus, sources of funding is potentially unique and valuable.