Riche Reports

Collation of Measures and Indicators
Description of the initial contents of the RICHE indicators resource
Quality of child health care service indicators
Project report from WP2
Developing a generic taxonomy for child health research
Report on the roadmaps for the future of European child health research
Justified guidance on priorities for investments in European Child Health research over the next decade.
Child health measurement and indicators – an update in a gaps perspective. RICHE Work Package 2
. . A collection of 10 papers addressing gaps in measurement and indicators of child health. Published March 1, 2011.
Sub-national indicators of child health & the European Union.
Report by Dr Lauren Brennan & Professor Mitch Blair for WP2
Secondary Data – Quality issues in international comparisons of child health based on administrative data
WP2 report written by Anders Hjern
International indicators
Comprehensive review of child health indicators available in a European context