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Riche overview

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  • This RICHE platform provides a unique, open, multi-lingual platform for child health research coordination. RICHE embraces the full multi-disciplinary diversity of European research while addressing fragmentation by making the parts visible.
  • The platform hosts a series of reports and meetings on:
  • Inventory of current research.
  • Research into child health measurement, statistics, and indicators.
  • Gaps in child health research as perceived by a range of stakeholders.
  • Roadmaps for the future of child health research in Europe.
  • Website to support the network and the ongoing collation of the inventory.

This integrated virtual platform will help the different stakeholders to build the future of European child health research, and thus promote child health in Europe and beyond.

WP1 Inventory of child health research

Leader Prof Michael Rigby, NHV (SE)

Deputy Leader Dr Ales Bourek, Masarykova Univerzita (CZ)

Work Package 1 This work package seeks to do more than conduct an inventory – it will set the foundations for the three-year project, and the basic framework for evidence reporting. The main tasks are to devise taxonomies of research; research capacity; and funding bodies. Please take part in using the RICHE taxonomy when uploading and searching your research material. Read more . . 

WP2 Measurement and indicators

Leader Prof Anders Hjern, NHV (SE)

Deputy Leader Dr Mitch Blair, Imperial (UK)

To facilitate the identification of research in the measurement of child health. Producing an inventory of measurement and indicators will in itself facilitate the implementation of existing methods in the EU and spark the development of new ones through facilitation of networking. Measuring health is at the heart of the development of preventive measures in a life course perspective. Reliable and valid methods of measurements created for use in one scientific context often can be very useful in other contexts as well. Read more . . 

WP3 Gaps in research

Leader Dr Matilde Leonardi, INNCB Milan (IT)

Deputy Leader Dr Giorgio Tamburlini, BURLO (IT)

To develop an agreed method for identifying gaps in child health research in Europe. For us, importance is measured in two ways, first at a whole population level, giving rise to measures like burden of disease (Valent et al. 2006; Lopez et al, 2006); second as impacts on the most vulnerable groups of children – those described as marginalized ( Zoon 2001, for example). Read more . .

WP4 Research Roadmaps for the future

Leader Prof Ulrike Ravens-Sieberer 

Deputy Leader Prof Margarida Gaspar de Matos

Developing and applying a formal consultative and formative process for establishing roadmaps for the future of European child health research. Guidelines will be available for translating research into policy. Read more . .

WP5 Platform

Leader Prof Anthony Staines, DCU (IRL)

Deputy Leader Dr Anne McCarthy, HRB (IRL)

To design, build, establish and run a platform is the core of our proposal. It will start as a web-based tool to support the other WP in their work. Functions will include document repositories, shared workspaces, registration and secure access. Content for the platform will come from WP1, WP2 and WP5 initially. The site will also be the public face of our project, providing information on our work, on our progress, and on our achievements to the public internet. Read more . .

WP6 Project Management

Leader Prof Anthony Staines, DCU (IRL) 

Deputy Leader Prof Michael Rigby, NHV (SE)

Project Manager Jean Kilroe, DCU (IRL)

To be innovative and dynamic to our findings and to engage with stakeholders. Read more . .