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Work Package 3 - Gaps in Research

Leader Dr Matilde Leonardi, INNCB Milan (IT) Deputy Leader Dr Giorgio Tamburlini, BURLO (IT) WP Gaps will identify a range of important clinical and public health problems that affect children's health but that are under-served by the contemporary mix of commissioned research on child health (WHO 2008). For us, importance is measured in two ways, first at a whole population level, giving rise to measures like burden of disease (Valent et al. 2006; Lopez et al, 2006); second as impacts on the most vulnerable groups of children – those described a marginalized ( Zoon 2001, for example).

Documents from the WP3 Gaps in Research Team

WP 3: Identifying stakeholder priorities - Future scenarios
WP 3: Identifying stakeholder priorities
WP 3 Identification of Research Gaps & Priorities across Europe
Dear All WP 3 Partner Contributers, Please forward completed WP 3 questionnaires to Milda ( by 27th January 12. The approach as per WP 3 is supported by the following guidelines: The attached questionnaire which we ask to be circulated. WP 3 ask each RICHE partner to identify in their country the key persons that are knoweldgeable in child health research and to distribute the questionnaire to them. There is no defined number of people that should be contacted. Each partner should try to reach as many key persons as possible. We also ask that you: 1. acknowledge / insert the RICHE partner who is sending the questionnaire e.g Anthony Staines 2. insert the RICHE partner to whom the questionnaire is to be returned under:'Please return this completed form to 3. Separately please list the proposed questionnaire participants, including their area of expertise (A response rate is to be returned to Milda, thank you) 4. complete the response rate and send this information to Milda : WP 3 deadline for filled-in questionnaires is the 27th of January, 2012.
WP 3 'Gaps in research' Periodic report Feb 10 - July 11 update
WP 3 'Gaps in research' Values discussion document Venice 2011
WP 3 'Gaps in research' Country questionnaire for experts

WP3 - Gaps - News and Events

RICHE General Meeting, Milan Feb 7-8 2012 (Host INNCB)
Third project general meeting with a focus on WP 3 (Gaps) and WP 5 (Platform)