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Report on WP 2: Indicators of Child Health meeting, 11-12 Jan 2011 London

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Presentations, minutes and agenda from meeting.

The Meeting Agenda   71.6 kB  
Agenda for WP2 meeting 11-12 Jan 2011, London
RICHE and Peristat   586.7 kB  
presentation by Rannveig Nordhagen at RICHE: WP2 Child Health Indicators meeting London 11-01-2011
Disability indicators   705.5 kB  
presented by Allan Colver
Indicators for children’s health Gaps and shortages   228.5 kB  
presented by Lennart Köhler
Socioeconomic Inequalities in Childhood Health   1005.2 kB  
presented by Hein Raat
Measuring Child Maltreatment   748.3 kB  
presented by A.Hjern & J.A.Diaz Huertas
Child indicators of quality of life and well-being   348.3 kB  
presented by Veronika Ottova
International Indicators   38.5 kB  
presented by Denise Alexander
Indicators for disability and needs in children   263.1 kB  
from the BESTA Team
Indicators of Child Health a framework   261.4 kB  
presented by Lennart Köhler
Timeline WP 2   25.9 kB  
presented by Anders Hjern
EU Sub-National indicators   1.6 MB  
The State of the Union
Informal notes on the meeting   148.7 kB  
amended 26/01/2011